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 HaPPy BirTHday Andy & Aniko

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PostSubject: HaPPy BirTHday Andy & Aniko   HaPPy BirTHday Andy & Aniko Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 10:19 am

We have two very special birthdays hugs to celebrate this week. So please help out by wishing these two fabulous women a birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY spoilers FAE & spoilers ANIKO

We hope that you both have a wonderful day fiesta Swedelover

wine twirling very happy

Now for a Dopp special to follow shortly

On behalf of G-P, Dopp and starbrites

I HaPPy BirTHday Andy & Aniko 2109348208 My HaPPy BirTHday Andy & Aniko 3979674603
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PostSubject: Re: HaPPy BirTHday Andy & Aniko   HaPPy BirTHday Andy & Aniko Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:38 pm

happy dance WAHOO!!!!! wine Happy Birthday, Ladies! excited

I think we need to have an episode of.....Men Who Need to Pull Up Their Pants!

Our first contestant:
HaPPy BirTHday Andy & Aniko Purls_31
Go ahead, Aniko, pull his strings!

Contestant #2:
HaPPy BirTHday Andy & Aniko Purls_32
Psst, Fae, the man needs a taxi....and somebody to watch as he climbs into one.

And finally, contestant #3, who gave up and pulling up and said screw it, I'm going commando!
HaPPy BirTHday Andy & Aniko Purls_33

“I love language, words, and all the lovely, exciting, and heart wrenching things you can do with them. Pick the right ones, put them in the right order, and you've created a moment in time where the reader forgets about the late car payment, the dirty dishes, the impending workweek. You have created a state of bliss. Or negligence, depending on your perspective ” -- Darynda Jones heart
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HaPPy BirTHday Andy & Aniko
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