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 Amber, Amber, Amber!

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PostSubject: Amber, Amber, Amber!   Amber, Amber, Amber! Icon_minitimeSat Jul 14, 2012 8:04 pm

Amber Green's extensive backlog of published titles includes:

Dead Kitties Don't Purr (Part of the Lesbians vs. Zombies series)
One Good Turn, #1 Turner & Turner
Turncoat, #2 Turner & Turner
Khyber Run
Steal Away
Golden Boys

She also has the coolest url: http://www.shapeshiftersinlust.com/

“I love language, words, and all the lovely, exciting, and heart wrenching things you can do with them. Pick the right ones, put them in the right order, and you've created a moment in time where the reader forgets about the late car payment, the dirty dishes, the impending workweek. You have created a state of bliss. Or negligence, depending on your perspective ” -- Darynda Jones heart
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Amber, Amber, Amber!
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